Tarney's Christmas Show Description

Tarney is a little elf who lives in the Snowlands with his elf friends and caregiver Grandfather Christmas.  Tarney and the elves make toys for children who live in an orphanage.  Although Tarney enjoys his work he often finds himself wondering what life is like beyond the Snowlands.  He desires to know what Christmas is really about and meet the children he makes toys for.

Tarney’s curiosity turns into a remarkable journey when he finds a secret passageway landing him in a town square in England.   Here he befriends a boy named Peter.  A trouble maker and somewhat selfish Peter “explains” to Tarney what He thinks Christmas is about. 

But Tarney learns the real truth about Christmas when a bizarre circumstance allows him to accompany Peter to his Grandfather’s house for dinner.  Elated with his new found discovery, Tarney is compelled to get back to the workshop to tell the others. But as much as he tries, he can’t find his way back.  Suddenly Tarney is left in despair all alone in the town square.

But Grandfather Christmas comes to the rescue knowing just how to find Tarney.  Then Tarney convinces him to come back to Peter’s Grandfather’s house.  When the grandfathers meet they realize they are not meeting for the first time.  In fact they knew each other way back when as boys in an orphanage.  But not just boys… Brothers!  

A beautiful reunion takes place as gifts are exchanged and a long lost relationship is restored.  From here the brothers decide to work together along with Peter, Tarney and all the elves making toys for children in orphanages everywhere!  

This endearing story is filled with laughter, fun, music and memories!  A great way to get everyone in the mood for Christmas!

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