Wholesome Family Entertainment

Mestas Musicals began in 2002 when Lori Mestas, her husband, Robert, and her son, Elliot, began traveling to perform at different organizations, retirement communities and banquet facilities. Lori said along with her current shows, she also does speaking engagements and performances at school assemblies.

Mestas Musicals are wholesome family entertainment good for all ages.




Having been in the senior care field for many years, I have had the privilege of experiencing a variety of Mestas Musicals performances. The groups she books are always crowd pleasers. The Robert E. Lee reenactment was very informative and believable – his extensive collection of Civil War paraphernalia impressive. Lori’s Easter performance was so moving and the music so stirring. The seniors sang along to old well-loved hymns and were uplifted by her message. I have no doubt some people’s hearts were changed that day. I always want to know what Mestas Musicals has “up their sleeves” next!
— Lisa Knight, Wauconda Township Senior Advocate
Lori Mestas is a dynamic and heartfelt performer! Her sincerity is evident in the writing and delivery of her shows. Robert Mestas as Robert E. Lee is compelling and passionate. I enjoyed listening to his Civil War commentary.
— Felicity Joy Solomon, Life Coach
Our Red Hat group saw Easter Blessing and we were blessed by your testimony , the program was wonderful, We left on a high note.
— Gloria Upp, Carillon Red Hats
We have been blessed to have seen 3 shows done by the Mestas, two with Lori at the White Fence Farm and one with her husband’s Robert E. Lee program presented downtown Joliet at the Historical Museum.

Lori’s talent is exceptional. Her effectiveness in connecting with her audience is what makes her excel on stage. To have talent yet no connection,you only have a performance. To have connection without having the talent goes without saying, stops at “one show”.

The last time we were in her company at “the Farm” we enjoyed an experience when she presented the person and the purpose of Jesus Christ. The audience was captivated with her story and the response was evident among the over 180 people in attendance.

I personally have been blessed by her sharing of her life, no matter what the show presents. It is always very personal and again she connects with the people.
— Bonnie Schmitz
Robert E. Lee came to our homeschool group and everyone love it! It was so refreshing to get the war from the perspective of the south. We booked him for one class period and everyone wanted him for two. The class was 3rd – 6th grade and he kept the interest of them all. He brought some authentic weapons and bullets which added to the class interest. I would definitely recommend him and have him again.
— Sylvia Greenan